"It is 1929, as the reign of prohibition keeps the entire country dry for nearly a decade. In the center of a sleepy Midwestern town sits a grand yet discrete building seemingly as quiet and still as the surrounding fields. But with a flick of a secret switch and a whispered password, a panel opens revealing a sordid soiree of raucous revelry. The building hides more than just a clandestine speakeasy. It protects the secrets of a bygone era, concealing long forgotten mysteries in it's resplendent design and ornate decor. The underground gin joint is buzzing with excitement because tonight, at midnight, is when the building's original owner claimed he would return from the grave, exactly fifty years after his death. As the party begins, bootlegging beauties foxtrot with corrupt politicians, rabble-rousing flappers sip bathtub gin with big city mobsters, and impassioned Jazz singers serenade dolled up debutantes. The problem is, one of you is a murderer."

7:00 pm Wednesday October 26th

Topos 403 (403 N Walnut Bloomington IN)

Your ticket includes: (Must be 21+ or 16+ with an adult)

* Admission to the murder mystery in the upstairs section of Topos 403.

* A custom written character. (You will receive a brief description of your character ahead of time for costuming purposes.)

* A dinner buffet.

* A chance to win prizes from Topos 403 and Mid By Midwest Murder Mysteries.

Brought to you by Mid By Midwest Murder Mysteries. For more information please email MXMWmurdermysteries@gmail.com